Alicante Mediterranean Grille

Alicante is tucked away on the shore of Lake Nipmuc in Mendon, Massachusetts. In the warmer months, there are often boats out on the lake, which only adds to the Mediterranean feel of the place. The decor is lovely, and doesn’t try to be anything else but a good restaurant.

The staff is incredibly helpful, attentive, and great about substitutions / changes. The menu can be somewhat confusing for those not “in the know” about certain cooking terms (EVOO, etc.), but again, the staff is incredibly helpful and willing to explain anything.

The food is, of course, the star of the show, however. The ingredients are fresh, the dishes have a nice blend of flavors, and the prices are very reasonable, given the quality of the food.

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  1. Gail L.
    Gail L.
    July 7, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    Alicante! What can we say? We love it there! Not only is the staff professional, friendly and more than accommodating, but the food is beyond excellent! You can get ANYTHING on the menu and it will be delishious! We’ve already worked our way through the menu and have our particular favorites. You will never go wrong with the bolognese – made the RIGHT way with the best ingredients. The specials are always spectacular. The decor is beautiful, the bar is lively and lots of fun with the best bartenders anywhere! Should have 5 stars on this site.

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