Armsby Abbey

The Abbey, which in the dead of night is nearly impossible to find if you miss the diminutive neon Chimay sign on the side window, is a bar dedicated to the proposition that all food, like beer, is most certainly not created equal. Twenty-two draft lines, six of which are dedicated to Belgian beer, rotate craft brews frequently. There are over 120 bottled selections, more than half of which are again Belgian beers. And the food ~ oh, the food…with absolutely superb appetizers, entrees that boggle the mind with their creativity and flavor, even pizzas that rival the best “fancy meals” around, The Abbey is a hidden treasure that you must, must make time to explore.

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  1. Joe Langdon
    Joe Langdon
    February 20, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    Incredible a great selection of beers, I mean a REALLY good selection of beers. And great food that you can tell was not bought off the Sysco truck

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