Blue Cricket Bistro

A perfect place to go with a group for some delicious lunch offerings that include an incredible chicken salad sandwich and hearty soups as well.

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  1. Michael
    September 4, 2008 at 9:16 pm

    Not quite sure why this site gives it 2 stars(you neeed food therapy). I’ve been several times and it’s fabulous EVERYTIME… love the ambiance(it’s a small place with cafe dining tables in a common area- very european-ish), the take out options, and the willingness of the chef to detail personal “Together type” meals for you to take home and prepare family style(with notice) are soooooooooooo gourmet…my family thinks I’ve been taking cooking lessons. Pick it up, put it in the oven, onto the table – DONE. What a way to have delicious food without all the fuss(very reasonably priced, and miles away from ickkkkky take out stuff)….sort of like a well kept secret just for family and friends coming over for dinner. I recently had to host an “after sports” dinner for my childrens team and parents(an intimate mini-catering). I called the cricket, gave the chef the details, picked up my dinner and there were absolutely no left overs. My family and friends couldn’t have been any happier or more full. From soup to nuts and beyond the dessert(which was spectacular in itself – we had the mixed fruit buckle) absolute perfection and always and forever going to leave this place is on my speed dial. Shhhhhhhhhhh…it’s a secret. You’re best to share this with only your closest of family and friends. What a culinary delight.

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