Brew a Cup of Energizing PG Tips Tea to Look and Feel Great This Summer!

pg-tips-teaPG Tips Tea Offers a Healthy Dose of Antioxidants and Daily Vigor to Get Your Health On Track for Itsy Bitsy Teeny Bikini Season

Spring is officially in the air ~ which means summer is just around the corner. As temperatures heat up, and winter clothes melt off, PG tips tea not only provides the energy to make it through the final stretch to summer, but offers a myriad of health benefits that are sure to get figures in summer shape. With an invigorating line of black teas, PG tips provides a naturally dependable source of strength, focus, and pure enjoyment for anyone on the go. As timeless and dependable as the acclaimed little black dress – or little black bikini in this case, PG tips black tea is the go-to beverage of choice for wellness focused individuals; after all, a healthy figure and focused mind looks good on everyone.

The refreshing great taste, high quality, and natural vigor of PG tips tea promotes a sound mind and nourished body, keeping you motivated throughout the day to reach your best potential all the while providing your body with health boosting benefits. Second only to water, PG tips tea is one of the most hydrating beverages one can consume. Drinking up to 6 cups of PG tips tea can contribute towards your daily water requirement, a recommendation that keeps the body’s systems functioning at their best. Naturally pure and packed with fresh, crisp flavor, a cup of fresh brewed black PG tips reviving tea contains a healthy dose of flavonoid antioxidants, naturally occurring compounds that research suggests supports a strong, healthy immune system. In addition, PG tips black tea is virtually fat-free, calorie-free, with half the caffeine of a typical cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Enjoying a cup of PG tips black tea is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply pour hot water over the PG tips pyramid teabag and let set for one minute. The flavors and the water will infuse instantly. The unique design of the PG tips teabag allows maximum water flow to infuse the tea. For a hint of sweet, add milk, honey, or lemon to taste. More than a beverage, PG tips is part of a healthy lifestyle. PG tips tea not only offers intrinsic health boosting benefits, but with refreshing taste and invigorating quality, inspires the focus and energy to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Get a healthier lifestyle a’brewing with PG tips tea!

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About PG tips Tea

PG tips tea is made from high quality, top tier tea leaves, allowed to dry and ferment, resulting in the dark brown color and signature earthy taste at the heart of the PG tips tea experience. Sold in distinctive signature pyramid bags that give the tea leaves room to breathe, much like loose tea in a kettle, PG tips’ tea bag design produces exceptionally flavorful and refreshing tea. PG tips tea is made from a natural blend of single estate teas from around the world. Employing thousands of disadvantaged workers from areas like East Africa, PG tips has always concerned themselves with the treatment, conditions, and livelihood of those who make PG tips possible. Through donations and support, PG tips is committed to improving conditions abroad and ensuring that the tea hitting consumer shelves is of exceptional taste, quality, and integrity.