Capsaicin is Mother Nature’s Fiery Cure-All And Prometheus Springs Has it.

For many, the very mention of hot and spicy seems to conjure an immediate association with flavors like salty and vinegary, but not for the owners of Prometheus Springs, a spicy beverage company. They profess that spicy isn’t a flavor at all, but rather a sensation that can be captured and fused into a unique line of refreshing, thirst quenching organic beverages. Professing itself to be the world’s first and only “Capsaicin Spiced Elixir,” each bottle of Prometheus Springs in infused with a healthy dose of Capsaicin. They extract this naturally occurring phytochemical from chili peppers, which not only creates a spicy sensation but also has an astounding array of health benefits. With recent studies documented by the American Cancer Journal (and Oprah placing it in her top 10 list of super foods), capsaicin is sure to be spicy buzzword on everyone’s tongues. The laundry list of health benefits includes:

• Boosting metabolism
• Moderates appetites
• Protects your heart
• Fights cancer
• Anti- inflammatory
• Relieves congestion
• Detoxifies your body
• Enhances Mood

The mood enhancement is by virtue of capsaicin’s unique ability to stimulate the body’s endorphin response, thus giving its drinkers a healthy natural high that can be compared to a runner’s high or even post-coital contentment. But for all the impressive health benefits that capsaicin boasts, remember that Prometheus Springs is above all a delicious and surprisingly versatile beverage.

With flavors like Lemon Ginger, Lychee Wasabi, and Pomegranate Black Pepper, the company has bars like New York’s Cooper Square Hotel already dressing up some rather curious cocktails. Even David Kasabian, renowned chef and author of The Fifth Taste: Cooking with Umami, agrees that “This is the most exciting new beverage concept of this century.”

Prometheus Springs can currently be found at the Whole Foods Stores and selective natural foods stores across the East Coast. So pick some up and try out these delicious recipes or experiment with some of your own:

A Simple Treat

Ounce and a half lemon vodka
Half ounce simple syrup
Half ounce lime juice
Two ounces Prometheus Springs
Shake and pour over ice.
Enjoy with a slice of lime.

capsaisinan-exciting-and-exotic-affair.jpgAn Enticing and Exotic Affair

First, muddle three 1-inch cubes of fresh watermelon, then add in:
Ounce and a half of silver tequila
Half ounce lime juice
Half ounce simple syrup
Two ounces of Prometheus Springs of choice

An Ancient Take on a Classiccapsaisinan-ancient-takes-on-a-classic2.jpg

Equal parts Prometheus Springs and lager beer of choice.
Pour the beer first, then slowly add any flavor of Prometheus Springs. Enjoy with a lemon wedge.

Cool, Crunchy and Refreshing

First, muddle 4 basil leaves and two cucumber slices, then add in:

Ounce and a half gin
Half ounce lime juice
Three quarters of an ounce simple syrup
Two ounces Prometheus Springs of choice
Shake over ice
Garnish with a cucumber spear and a steel straw.

For more on Prometheus Springs, including their promise to remain organic, celebrity chef Govind Armstrong’s plans to create recipes from the beverage, information about chilis, and how Capsaicin really works to produce natural euphoria, please visit