Links to restaurants in the Worcester and Central Massachusetts area that offer specialty drinks and a fun environment for socializing.

The Bubble Tea Craze!

By Rick Garner Finally, there’s a drink that’s fun to…eat? Move over trendy coffee drinks, there’s a new drink craze in town! “Bubble tea,” which has its… Read more »

Cheers to Beer Fest

By Lauren Koblara There aren’t many things better than an ice cold beer on a hot summer day, except maybe having a choice of over 75 beer… Read more »

Flip Flops

“Good Food. Good Friends. Good Times.” is this beach-themed restaurant’s motto. Flip Flops is great for a nice gourmet burger or Italian dish or even a quick… Read more »

Chill Out!

By Leslie Marin There’s nothing better on a hot summer night ~ or day, for that matter ~ than a sweet, frozen, and refreshing treat. We’re all… Read more »

Summer Sippin’

It’s Summertime…and the Drinking is Easy. By Leeanne Griffin As comforting as winter warmers and heavy reds can be in the cold months, frozen concoctions and summer… Read more »

Pulse Potions

By Leslie Marin Have your favorite bartender whip up one of these concoctions…or try making them for your friends at your first pool party of the year!… Read more »

Tequila Grows Up

By Leslie Marin Many people associate Tequila with down-n-dirty, straight-ahead drunken partying, full of good times and bad judgment calls (oh c’mon, like we haven’t all been… Read more »