Middle Eastern

Byblos Lounge

Byblos is the newest restaurant lounge in all of New England. We cater to the Middle Eastern loving communities that cherish authenticity. We feature live music, belly… Read more »

Shiraz Armenian Cuisine

Armenian and Middle Eastern cuisine, including lamb, chicken and pork kabobs, stuffed grape leaves, all kinds of delicious spinach, meat and lamb pies, seafood dishes and much… Read more »


A warm ambiance and lots of natural light surround tasty Lebanese and Middle Eastern dishes. For lunch or dinner, try Port Said Chicken, Kibbi be Seineeye, Grilled… Read more »


Enjoy baba ghanoosh, chicken and port said, grape leaves, shawarma and kibbee, and many other authentic Middle Eastern specialties, all served in the casually elegant, friendly atmosphere… Read more »