Dashed Makes Its Way To Worcester

That feeling when you’re waiting for a food delivery while on the brink of “hangry” is never fun. Luckily for folks in Worcester, we will have to wait no more. Restaurant delivery service Dashed has made its way to our neck of the woods. Founded in Boston by Phil Dumontet in 2009, Dashed provides quick food delivery for more than 800 restaurants that usually do not offer delivery in the fastest of time frames.

Alexa Squillaro, who works in business development at Dashed, explains how the concept of Dashed was conceived. “Phil wanted his food delivered quickly, but realized that traditional food delivery takes a long time,” Squillaro said. Impatience turned into an idea, and with that, an opportunity presented itself and Dashed was born.

Squillaro has worked in the food industry in the past, but the joining of food and technology at Dashed makes going to work fun and exciting. “I love melding food and technology to serve people in a larger way. When I heard about the opportunity [at Dashed], I was excited. [This company] allows people to have food at their fingertips,” she said.

Dashed has been a hit in Boston for some time now, but the expansion out to the Worcester area is an exciting venture for both Dashed and the residents of the city.

“We decided to expand out to Worcester because we saw a need for this type of food delivery in that area,” Squillaro said. “For example, a lot of people from Boston will go to school and then go back home to Worcester. We want to provide the same delivery service for people out that way.”

Dashed is working with various restaurant favorites in Worcester, including The Boynton, Flying Rhino Cafe, Volturno, Nancy Chang’s, Baba Sushi and many more.

So how does it work? Dashed partners exclusively with Foodler for online ordering. “You go on Foodler.com and/or the app, put in your address, and you can see what can be delivered,” Squillaro said.

Everything can be broken down by category or cuisine, but there is also the Best Bets program, which uses an algorithm to provide a list of popular and top-rated menu items recommended for you based on your preferences and previous orders. You then choose your restaurant, add items to your cart and place your order. You will then see a screen letting you know when your food is coming and where the delivery driver is in relation to you. If you download the app, you can also get push notifications with alerts and updates on your delivery!

“The average delivery time is 39 minutes, with an in- transit time of 10 minutes or less, depending on the food prep time. There is a flat delivery fee of $4.99,” Squillaro said.

Are you feeling hungry yet? Visit www.foodler.com/dashed and place your order!

By Rachel Shuster