By Steph Moore

So Father’s Day is almost upon us, and sure, it’s pretty easy to buy for our dads, they’re contractually obligated to love anything we give them, but what about our husbands, the younger, hipper generation of dads? A tie or bottle of cologne just isn’t going to cut it (Plus…shhh…shouldn’t we be able to enjoy the gift, too? I mean, when guys give us lingerie, do you really think it’s JUST for us? C’mon now!) ~ and since the gift is actually coming from his son or daughter, shouldn’t it be something fun and colorful that everyone can enjoy together?

EdibleGiftsPlus.com does a great job of combining delicious treats with Dad-friendly themes that everyone can enjoy! Check out some of the yummy options (and yes, I can honestly say, “Yummy” because I’ve already…let’s call it “delicately sampled”… my fair share of both the chocolate and cookie items) ~ and then choose the one that’ll make the hot dad in your life smile on Father’s Day and after!!

To check out what each and every one of the confections listed below looks like (they’re beautiful, trust me, and your mouth is going to water!), head to www.EdibleGiftsPlus.com, where you can also place your order.

~ Father’s Day Strawberries ($54.99)
~ Father’s Day Oreos ($1.50 each)
~ Father’s Day Giant Fortune Cookie ($29.50)
~ Father’s Day Chocolate Pizza ($34.95)
~ Our Traditional (Chocolate) Pizza ($29.95)
~ G8”x10” Rectangle Giant Photo/Logo Brownie ($34.95)
~ Chocolate Beer Mug ($14.95)
~ Father’s Day Chocolate Dipped Crispies ($1.75 each)
~ Munchies and Beer ($49.95)

These combo baskets are filled with a ton of great treats, both sweet and salty ~ and if your dad or father-in-law (or both!) are coming over for Father’s Day, it might not be a bad idea to get them each one, too, just so they’re not jealous!

~ “Jim & Jack Together At Last” Grillin’ Gift Basket ($84.99)
~ Football Fanatic Sports Gift Basket ($69.99)
~ Gone Fishin Cookies ($32.95)
~ Fore! The Links Father’s Day Lollipop Bouquet ($42.95)
~ Tool Time Dad Lollipop Bouquet ($36.95)
~ Golf Ball Oreos- Box of 9 ($19.95)
~ Golfing Giant Fortune Cookie ($29.95)
~ Dad’s Poker Night Lollipop Bouquet ($56.95)
~ Bud Time Barbecue Gift Set ($69.99)

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!