EVO Dining is family owned & operated, and has become a mecca for health conscious dining. By utilizing fresh, natural and organic ingredients paired with superior product, EVO’s Executive Chef Al Maykel crafts flavorful dishes to please an array of tastes.

A full bar rounds out a stellar menu with just about anything from The EVO Hanger Steak, to an Grilled Avocado Tuscany Salad. The warm and trendy décor is a pleasant surprise to new guests, and makes for a stylish spot to meet for cocktails and dinner. Families and groups can enjoy dining at a reasonable price, without giving up taste and quality. The menu is new for 2012 and features fresh additions to everything from Breakfast & Lunch to Bar Bites and Gourmet Entrees. Top it off with sweet ending desserts and hot cocktail to end the night!

The open kitchen highlights EVO’s unique oven specifically, one of two in Massachusetts. This state-of-the-art equipment, cooks foods at extraordinarily high temperatures, sealing in natural juices and flavors in rapid time.

For more information and photos, visit: evodining.com
Check out a feature video on EVO: click here

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  1. Sara Fox
    Sara Fox
    March 26, 2012 at 2:24 am

    I am shocked to find that they won’t let us to have separate tickets (stubs), we ended up arguing who’s paying after ate… I don’t like if restaurant can’t respect our wishes. I am also under the dark impression that when we took a picture of us in group, waitress stopped one of us and “charged” for the photo in there… $20 dollars! Are you out of your mind?!? Clearly there is discrimination over handicapped. Something’s going on there.

    We are not going to visit it anymore. Sorry.

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