Fiddlers’ Green Pub and Restaurant

Fiddlers Green relies on culinary expertise and fresh ingredients combined with a charming Irish warmth of both atmosphere and waitstaff. Hearty appetizers (try the Fiddlers Green Potato Skins) and
meals-in-themselves soups (the Chicken Tortilla Soup is delish!) lead into a variety of sandwiches (the Reuben is a work of art) and piping hot entrées including a Chicken Pot Pie that is puff pastry perfection
and a Traditional Corned Beef Boiled Dinner that comes with all the fixin’s ~ You’ll be treated to oven-fresh Irish soda bread and popcorn for snacking, so add in a flavorful salad, a Guinness (of course!), and top off with the caramel drizzled Bread Pudding and it just doesn’t get any better.

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  1. Fiddlers Green | TasteWorcester
    Fiddlers Green | TasteWorcester
    July 17, 2008 at 3:41 pm

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  2. Bridget Conner
    Bridget Conner
    March 2, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Must be an old review. I recently dinned there and although it’s been only a year since my last visit it has changed dramatically.
    I visited on a slow night and waited 10min for a bartender to appear then was served in improperly poured Guinness(It’s suppose to be a two part pour). I then had to place my food order with the bar because the waitresses was busy talking to her friend and after all that it took 20min to receive my meal which wasn’t very good and I was one of 3 tables….Wonder why.
    Weren’t suggest it, it isn’t the same family friendly environment.
    There is no more popcorn machine.

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