Figs & Pigs Kitchen + Pantry

The revitalization of downtown Worcester carries on with its newest addition, Figs & Pigs Kitchen + Pantry. In an effort to be as innovative and accessible as possible, Figs & Pigs not only offers in-restaurant and take-out dining, it also serves patrons during events held at the DCU Center. And, with a promising and exciting operator at the helm, the little food place on the corner with the funky name is set to become a new go-to for good eats.

Figs & Pigs came to be, thanks, in part, to a 2013 renovations project established to encourage the growth and appeal of downtown Worcester. The 1,200-square-foot micro-eatery at the corner of Foster and Commercial streets is the latest realization of that effort. In a unique relationship with the DCU Center, Figs & Pigs offers a new option for those on the concourse during events, as well as to those who are just strolling by. It is a “new concept in the arena industry,” according to its official press release.

“It’s important to continue innovating in this environment,” said Alberta Fera, director of food and beverage for SAVOR…, the catering service for the DCU Center. “This is an exciting new venture for the DCU Center, and one that will give fans new options on the concourse.”

There are many appetizing options when it comes to what Figs & Pigs has on the menu for its customers, and much of this has to do with its operator and manager, Candace M. Murphy.

A Worcester resident and former chef instructor at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, as well as having been chef de cuisine and general manager of Adrian’s & Company in Truro, Murphy is without a doubt ready for the responsibility of running a new venture like Figs & Pigs. Not only will Murphy bring her expertise and experience to the new establishment, she will also bring a varied and welcomed assortment of tasteful dishes that extend from her point of view on food.

“I believe the body operates better when you feed it whole, unprocessed foods (and) what’s in season in your region,” Murphy said. “(It) makes the engine run better. Also, including foods that have been preserved, fermented or cured help you get all the right proteins, vitamins and bacteria your body needs.”

How does Murphy plan to implement her outlook into what Figs & Pigs offers? For starters, everything will be made from scratch. Figs & Pigs will also partner with local companies like Nashoba Brook Bakery in West Concord and Indigo Coffee Roasters in North Hampton for different goods. “We are a big advocate for the arts and the community, the environment and local business,” said Murphy.

With a name like Figs & Pigs, you’d expect there to be some meat product, and there is. But there are also items that will satisfy just about anyone. “The menu reflects the way I cook,” Murphy said. “So it just happens that there are many items that are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. I know – with pig in the name, go figure. Not to worry, though, plenty of pork product (is) available as well.”

Choices included on Figs & Pigs’ menu are varied and range from “Grab & Go” selections like handmade muffins, scones and cookies to soups, salads and snacks. For those who are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, there are handy notes on the menu to steer you in the right direction. And for those who don’t fall into one of these groups, there are plates for you, too, like the Sausage & Cheese Strata and The Gobbler (a turkey sandwich).

When going to Figs & Pigs, you can rest assured that your entree is in good hands. Murphy is not only dedicated to serving good food, she is also determined to show the proper respect and etiquette towards the product itself.

“I am pretty passionate about taking charge of your body. Food is obviously a huge part of that,” said Murphy. “Take the time to understand where your food is coming from, making the best choices with what’s available to you. These are my mantras. I hope to show that in my food.”

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By Jason Savio