Food Trends

By Tine Roycroft, Lynn N. Capri, and Josh Lyford

Each year, there are trends in dining ~ just like those in fashion, technology, films, etc. ~ that are a logical progression from the year before ~ like when we saw tapas become popular at a few select specialty restaurants before the trend caught on like wildfire the following year and seemed to be on everyone’s menu. Then there are the trends that come out of left field, like when blood sausage became a much sought-after main course for a [blessedly!] brief time (I blame Andrew Zimmern and his bizarre fascination with bizarre foods for that one!). Now, not all trends reach us here in Central MA ~ some are born and die, just flashes in the pan, in NY or LA or overseas (lots of trends come out of Japan each year), and some reach us slightly modified , but others do, and we’re going to introduce you to some of each, from the weird and obscure (wait ’til you read about corn fungus and edible dirt) to the yummy, like Mexican sandwiches called cemitas, to the technology that’s changing the whole concept of how we go out to eat. And since we’re most interested in the trends that will be shaping our dining experiences over the next year, we’ve called on the experts ~ local restaurant owners and chefs ~ to hear what they have to say about what’s headed to our plates next. …Read More