Get Whipped with CREAM Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream!

By Erin Hansen

From CREAM comes a new and refreshing version of “the icing on the cake” that takes cocktails to a whole other level. Try Cherry, Orange, Raspberry, Chocolate, Vanilla or Caramel on top of your favorite mixed drinks ~ they’re also great on top of Jello shots, ice cream, or even on their own (and yes, I’m sure some of you are already thinking of some very…creative…uses!). cream-copy

CREAM is (besides delicious) completely shelf-stable and will last (opened or unopened) for 9 – 12 months ~ just be sure to store it at room temperature for best results and shake before using. Each 375ml can makes approximately twenty six 1 oz. shots, so get one in each flavor and add some fun and flavor to cocktail time!

Head to for more information including a location finder, photos, mouth-watering drink recipes featuring CREAM, and to join the CREAM Team.

CREAM is 15% ALC/VOL (30 proof), so please enjoy it responsibly!