Getting a Sugar Rush with Cakes by Noelle

By Shelly Aucoin

image002-copyYou may know her as the sexy rock n’ roll maven dishing out libations at Lucky Dog Music Hall. But when this Super Woman isn’t behind the bar, she’s selling houses and making the most amazing cakes you’ve ever seen.

“My favorite part of cake making is just doing it for my friends. I love surprising someone I love with a cake that somehow represents them or something they love. It really feels like a gift from my heart.”

Ace of Cakes fans will rejoice over Noelle Merle’s unconventional creations. Her confectionary accomplishments rival Duff Goldman’s and include cakes shaped into such cool designs as fabulous Chanel purses, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, a very convincing laptop, an eerily realistic sushi roll, the much sought after iPhone, and a floppy eared dog, just to name a few. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to ordering from Cakes by Noelle.

image004-copy“My most elaborate cake was probably the one I made for my friend Alec’s 40th birthday. His wife Sherri and I collaborated on the surprise. It was a replica of his favorite beer so it was a giant beer bottle. I hand painted the label; it was not only large but very detailed. I was really proud of that cake.”

Noelle’s business has grown purely through Facebook and word of mouth after a surprising start. “When I was 16 I worked at Baskin Robbins in California where I grew up. They trained me to make ice cream cakes and I guess I was pretty good. Years later when I had my daughter I started making her birthday cakes, which of course led to my friends asking me to make their kids cakes. I honestly have no idea how it happened but I guess just posting pictures on Facebook led people to believe that I was in the cake business, when really, I’m a real estate agent/bartender! So now I make cakes too!”

If you’re tired of cheesy cakes and disheartened by run of the mill, Cakes by Noelle can put an edgy, personal touch on your next party. Check out her cake album ~ and maybe place an order for your next event! ~ on Facebook. “Epic” isn’t even the word!!/noelle.merle