Juniors Produce and More….more, more, more!

By Rachel Shuster

Tired of trekking to the grocery store only to play the “now where can I find the…” game down each aisle? This isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, so Juniors Produce and More at 342 Shrewsbury Street in Worcester decided to make shopping for groceries (and more!) a pleasurable experience.

“Juniors Produce and More and Juniors Restaurant are shared, family businesses,” Robyn Caruso, General Manager of both, says. Juniors Restaurant on Shrewsbury Street has made a name for itself being a place with great food and great people. Now with Juniors Produce and More, which opened in July, that reputation lives on in a new produce store. We knew Shrewsbury Street needed something like this. Going to the grocery store can be inconvenient. This location is great because of all the apartments around. It’s quick, easy. It’s really a one-stop-shop,” Caruso adds.

“We are a specialty store,” Caruso continues. Be sure to start your day in the brightly colored and welcoming ambiance of the store and with a cup of freshly brewed Green Mountain Coffee, breakfast sandwiches and pastries. Then check out their freshly made sandwiches; take your pick of Italian, turkey, egg salad, etc. that range from $2.99-$3.99. Also peruse the olive bar, a variety of nuts, the fresh salad bar, imported cheeses, hot soups, freshly baked bread (including loaves and bulkie rolls), fresh fruits and vegetables that price by weight, and their famous pita chips, seasoned with the Juniors restaurant seasoning. “People come in looking for them!” Caruso says about the famous snack, which go hand-in-hand with their flavor-packed hummus.

Now when I say fresh, I mean fresh. “We get all of our produce fresh, everyday. We make our breads fresh, everyday. We make our sandwiches fresh, everyday,” Caruso adds. Speaking of “everyday,” Juniors Produce and More is also at your service for your “everyday” needs like milk, eggs, butter, etc.

Also be sure to take advantage of their freshly prepared meals, including meatloaf, mac and cheese, lasagna, and more. These are perfect for a quick but delicious meal that tastes like what mom used to make…maybe better. Prices range from $5.99-$7.99.

The delicious soups, breads, prepared meals and more are delicious because head chef Joel (of Juniors Restaurant) does it all from scratch. “They are all his own recipes,” Caruso shares. All meals are prepared at Juniors Restaurant and brought over to the produce store.

They also offer special items during different seasons and holidays. “Right now we are selling pumpkins, during Christmas we sell wreaths, and we also have cider and egg nog!” Caruso says.

They also offer samples…everyday! “We are always giving away something, whether it’s samples of soup, roasted chicken, etc.,” Caruso says with a smile.

So as you can see, they definitely don’t skimp on the “more” in their name. Head down to Juniors Produce and More for, well…exactly that!

Juniors Produce and More is open 7 days a week: 10am-7pm Monday-Friday and 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday, with extended morning hours for breakfast. Want more info? Call 508-459-9385.