Kick your ice coffee up a notch

National Coffee Month is approaching in August and what better way to celebrate than with the coffee connoisseurs themselves ~ Joyride Coffee. As pioneers of the cold brew keg, we asked Joyride for interesting ways consumers incorporate coffee, specifically cold brew, into their daily lives:

Cold brew and bourbon ~ Adding a shot of bourbon to cold brew is something Joyride has seen done at whiskey festivals in the past, and it’s always a big hit!

Cold brew and beer ~ Joyride has seen customers combine cold brew with imperial stout beers for a different take on an after-work beverage.

Cold brew and seltzer ~ For those looking for a carbonated beverage without all the calories and negative qualities of soda, this is it. It provides a little something extra to an already unique cold brew!

Cold brew and ice cream ~ Do we need to say more? Blend these two ingredients for a smoothie-like concoction with a kick. Insert reduced-fat ice cream for a healthier option.

Cold brew ice pops ~ Simply freeze into the desired shape! This is good for those on the move.

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