La Scala

When your dining at La Scala Ristorante you are experiencing all parts of Italy. From their signature Antipasto or Arugula Strawberry Insalata to our Chicken Milan or Seafood Fra Diavolo!

The La Scala staff is a wonderful group of people that are there to make your dining experience memorable.La Scala is located across from East Park centrally located on Shrewsbury St. in Worcester, Massachusetts.

When the weather is beautiful their patio is an experience all its own. The patio is open for lunch and for dinner. Come and enjoy cocktails, appetizers to a full course dinner. Homemade desserts, and of course specialty drinks.

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  1. Matt
    November 14, 2013 at 1:29 am

    First things first, I am a full blooded Italian. Raised on good old fashioned Italian style cooking. Huge portions and maximum flavor in every bite. La Scala is the closest to a meal prepared by my grandmother herself. The signature antipasto is about the same size she would make to feed a family of 4. I personally have not found a single item that I was displeased with. I highly suggest ordering from the specials there. The new chef has a creativity level with flavors and combinations that I have never seen before. Salmon with a strawberry butter topping? Yeah, as good as it sounds.
    I have seen some reviews on other sites that speak of the new ownership of La Scala. Normally that is a red flag, but not here. Kevin and his team look like a family, and treat you like a guest in their house.
    Yes the place is small, but cozy and inviting. Afraid of a wait? Call ahead and make a reservation. Do not pass by this place without stopping in for a taste test. I went in there 4 years ago, and I have been there at least 2 weekends a month. Because I like my food the way my grammy used to make it.

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