With walls papered Tuscan red, a soundtrack of standards from the Sinatra Rat Pack days playing in the background, and slices of rustic Italian bread brought to your table, you’re already in Italian bistro heaven. Limoncello’s entrée menu doesn’t try to be all things to all Italians, but it’s a sturdy framework blending a group of excellently prepared standards with a scattering of innovative and less-frequently encountered meals such as “Uncle Patsy’s Stuffed Calamari” and Handmade Veal Braciole. Some of Italian cuisine’s finest dishes are rooted in peasant cooking, a tradition that derives maximum goodness from humble ingredients, and Limoncello elevates peasant cooking to new heights. They have successfully attained a level of suburban-cool while remaining rooted in a warm tradition of Italian hospitality: generous service and abundance of flavor. La Dolce Vita lives on!