Meet the Chef – Adam Towne

An interview with Adam Towne of Tavern on the Common

Culinary Program at New Hampshire College, but the 26 year old has been cooking since he was 15. He started off at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Sutton and then did stints at Puffin’s, the Marriott in Westboro, and the Tatnuck Country Club.

Pulse: What is your favorite flavor?
AT: I like a lot of flavors but finding new flavors is important. I like to combine old with new to create new flavor. Like putting Italian & French ingredients together. I use a lot of alcohol in cooking. I make all my sauces from scratch.

Pulse: What is your favorite ingredient?
AT: Beef and steaks. I pan sear them or cedar roast them.

Pulse: What is your favorite spice?
At: Black pepper.

Pulse: What is your culinary philosophy?
AT: Giving the freshest food prepared with the greatest love. And making sure customers understand that food made with no preservatives can taste great.

Pulse: Who is the most famous person you cooked for?
AT: Bob Cousy. He was member of Worcester Country Club.

Pulse: What was your most embarrassing moment in the kitchen?
AT: At culinary school, I was doing tableside cooking, flambéing something and I lit my face on fire.

Pulse: What was your greatest achievement?
AT: Becoming an executive chef by the age of 25. I told my mother I was going to do it and I did.

Pulse: Name 3 things in your home refrigerator.
AT: Steaks, Worcestershire sauce and lettuce.

Pulse: Name three people you would like to have join you for dinner.
AT: Mario Batali, my mother Gail Towne, and Chip Dufault, the former chef at Worcester Country Club, who showed me how to express myself in the kitchen.