Meet the Chef – Mike Jarvis

By Paul Giorgio

Mike Jarvis
Guiseppe’s Grille
35 Solomon Pond Road
Northborough, MA
(508) 393-4405

Owner Fran Capuano & Chef Mike Jarvis (R)

Where have you worked before?
Most recently I was at PJ’s New England Bar& Grill in West Boylston.

Where did you learn to cook?
I am Johnson & Wales University graduate, but I went there later on. I’d worked at Mary’s Catering in Hudson since I was 12, so I guess you could say I am self taught.

What kind of food do you like to cook?
Mostly American Cuisine, but I work at an Italian restaurant so I like that food too.

What is your favorite meal?
Lobster ~ baked, stuffed lobster

What are you favorite flavors?
I like spicy food and spicy flavors.

What’s your favorite spice?
I like sage.

How long have you been at Guiseppe’s?
I’ve been here for about 15 months now.

Who is your cooking hero or idol?
Probably Wolfgang Puck. He’s very creative and uses the best of the best in terms of product, and that’s what I do.

What is your greatest cooking triumph?
I once did a function with a six-course meal for 1500 people and at the same time was doing another function for 1000 people. That’s when I worked at Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel in Fayetteville, NC.

Do you remember the meal?
It was basic; they had a choice of stuffed chicken, fish or prime rib.

What was your greatest cooking disaster?
I had a line cook who took all the order slips for about a hundred meals, threw them in the Fry-o-lator, and walked out. I comped all of the food because the people in the dining room had to wait for over an hour while we put everything back into the system.

Who’s the most famous person for whom you’ve ever cooked?
It’s got to be the owner of the Cleveland Cavilers basketball team.

What are three things in your home refrigerator?
Milk, pepperoni, and buffalo wings.

If you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be?
Tom Brady. And George Washington would be interesting as well. And because I’m a former marine, Ira Hayes ~ the guy who raised the flag on Iwo Jima.

How often do you go out to eat?
At least two times a week.

What is your favorite restaurant?
The Coliseum in New Hampshire