Meet the Chef – Scott Tessier

An interview with Scott Tessier of Shrewsbury Street’s Porto Bello Restaurant

Pulse: What is your favorite food to cook?
ST: Sautéed fishes

Pulse: What is your favorite thing to eat?
ST: Pizza

Pulse: From where?
ST: Figs in Boston and the Wonder Bar in

Pulse: What is your cooking philosophy?
ST: Keep everything organized, keep the kitchen clean and have fun.

Pulse: What is your favorite herb?
ST: Basil. I like all different kinds — some that people don’t know about. I use lemon basil with fish and cinnamon basil with pork. And of course I use a lot of sweet Italian basil here. I never use oregano in any of my recipes.

Pulse: What is your favorite flavor?
ST: Well, I really like demi-glace as a flavor.

Pulse: What are three things in your home refrigerator?
ST: Italian cold cuts, chardonnay and beer

Pulse: Who’s the most famous person you ever cooked for, anywhere?
ST: Matt Scanell from the band Vertical Horizonand Paul Cook from Anthrax

Pulse: What was your biggest cooking embarrassment?
ST: The handle broke on a 10 gallon pan that was full of red sauce. That makes a mess, if you’ve ever tried cleaning up tomato sauce.

Pulse: Ok, what is your biggest accomplishment?
ST: Owning Porto Bello in Worcester for 10 years.

Pulse: If you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be?
ST: Mario Batali, Julia Child and Anthony Boudoin, who is the” bad boy” of chefs