Meet the Chef – Steve Champagne

Steve Champagne Block Five


Where did you learn to cook?
Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and I studied at the C.I.A. in New York

Where have you cooked?
The Sole Proprietor, 111 Chop House & the Struck Café

What is you favorite food?
Sandwiches. My favorite is a Rueben. I also like the broccoli rabe and
sausage is my favorite on the menu. I also love to grill on charcoal.

What is your favorite food to cook?

I like grilling meats, a nice chop.

What are three things in your home refrigerator?
Mustard, heavy cream, and cheeses

What is your favorite flavor?


Favorite spice?
Cumin. I like the smokiness of it, it’s versatile. It’s good
in Middle Eastern and Southwestern cooking.

What was your biggest kitchen disaster?
I haven’t had it yet, but at the Sole I got so behind that it took
an hour to put out a meal one night ~ and I had 200 more meals in front
of me.

What was your biggest triumph?
At the Struck Café, I got 4 out of 4 stars in a review.

If you could invite three people in history to dinner, who would
they be?

Steve Martin, Jacque Pepin, and Leonardo DaVinci

Who was the most famous person for whom you’ve ever cooked?
I cooked for Julia Child once when I was in culinary school.

Block 5
139 Green Street, Worcester