Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. Introduces THE CLASSIC MARGARITA by mike’s™

pulsecocksmargaritasBy Ross Joseph

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co., a pioneer in the flavored malt beverage category, has launched THE CLASSIC MARGARITA by mike’s™, a line of premium, ready-to-pour margaritas available in three delicious varieties: Raspberry, Peach and Traditional Lime. THE CLASSIC MARGARITA by mike’s™ is sold in 6-packs of 11.2 oz. bottles and is now available alongside beer in grocery, liquor, and convenience stores everywhere, not to mention nightclubs and bars nationwide.

THE CLASSIC MARGARITA by mike’s™ contains 5.5% alc/vol and was developed using Mike’s patented and proprietary malt base, enhanced with a refreshing blend of luscious fruit flavors to create a satisfying range of crisp, fragrant margaritas with a smooth, full-bodied tequila taste. “We developed THE CLASSIC MARGARITA by mike’s™ to make it easier for consumers to have what they love,” said Philip W. O’Neil, President of Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. “Though the margarita is America’s most popular cocktail, it’s often considered too complicated and cumbersome to enjoy outside of a bar or restaurant setting. Our ready-to-pour versions deliver a bold and satisfying margarita experience that we think consumers will love for the taste and appreciate for the price and convenience.” “THE CLASSIC MARGARITA by mike’s™ will make ordinary beer occasions a lot less ordinary,” added O’Neil.

Whether you’re planning a casual get-together with friends or a full-blown Cinco de Mayo bash, THE CLASSIC MARGARITA by mike’s™ is the perfect addition to the celebration. To help get the party started this summer, THE CLASSIC MARGARITA by mike’s™ will celebrate its south-of-the-border roots by giving away the ultimate Mexican Riviera Adventure at a luxury resort for one lucky consumer and three friends. Visit www.mikeshard.com for sweepstakes details!

The Classic Margarita ~ Traditional lime (5.5% ABV) ~ with real lime juice and agave nectar, it’s a fiesta just waiting to happen ~ so get the party started!

The Classic Margarita ~ Raspberry
(5.5% ABV) ~ with real lime juice, agave nectar, and refreshing raspberry, it’s fantastico!

The Classic Margarita ~ Peach
(5.5% ABV) ~ with real lime juice, agave nectar, and succulent peach, it begs you to relax in a hammock and leave your cares behind (this is my favorite flavor ~ perfect for when you’re in the mood for something smooth and sweet).

About Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.

Seattle-based Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. is a registered trade name of Mark Anthony Brands Inc., a Washington Corporation. Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. defined the $1.7 billion dollar flavored malt beverage category with the introduction of its ground breaking mike’s hard lemonade® in Canada in 1996 and then in the United States in 1999. Mike’s product line is comprised of premium malt beverages, hard teas, and hard fruit punches. For further information, visit www.mikeshard.com.