Although not truly “New” in the Woo, Glamour Bombonier Brazilian Sweet Shop has some exciting things happening in 2018, including — hopefully — a new sweet shop.

Rayanne Sabara is the founder and owner of Glamour Bombonier, offering her delicious Brazilian sweets to the city of Worcester and beyond.When I say, “beyond,” I truly mean it. Sabara has shared her sweet treats all the way to “La La Land” via the Oscars for the past three years. The 90th Academy Awards on March 4 will be her fourth time serving up her sweets for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

“I have done the Oscar statues and edible chocolate frames for the Oscars [after] parties,” Sabara said. “Each year, about 300 celebrities try my sweets. It’s so much fun; I love it. Every year, I get so excited. I can’t wait to be there in March. I’ve made several friends.”

So how did Sabara get this awesome gig? “I have a friend from New Jersey who is a designer who went to the Oscars a few years ago who dressed some of the celebrities. She sent my sweets to one of the producers who attended and that’s how I got invited.”

Among all the celebrities that have tried her sweets, she has been able to meet many of them! “I met Melanie Griffith and her daughter Dakota Johnson. They loved my sweets!” she said.

Before she made her way to Hollywood, Sabara grew up in Brazil and came to Worcester with her family in 1998.

“I learned to do sweets with my aunt when I was a child,” Sabara said. “When I got to the U.S., after I got married, I lost my daughter. I became depressed and I started making the sweets and chocolate as a hobby. It helped me. My depression went away, and that’s when I started thinking of it as a business. People started asking for orders and that was it.”

Sabara also had a shop last year that featured her delicious sweets and traditional Brazilian pizzas. “It’s a unique combination, but I had previously worked in the pizza industry for a while. I had so much experience. When I found the shop location, it was all ready for pizza-making, but I loved sweets, so we did both,” Sabara said.

While the pizza and sweets shop closed late last year, Sabara still maintains her sweet shop exclusively online via social media and teaches private lessons.“People can use our Facebook and Instagram pages to place orders, including custom orders,” Sabara said. “We have traditional Brazilian items, including a variety of flavored chocolate fudge and truffles and cakes. For Valentine’s Day, we are doing big chocolate frames.”

While Sabara offers standard truffles, edible frames and fudge, custom orders are definitely welcomed! She also provides catering for parties.

As for pricing, truffles run $1 each, and there is a minimum of 25 truffles per order. Special occasion pricing is by unit, so pricing depends on the order. Otherwise, pricing varies based on the order and is done on a case-by-case basis.

With a thriving sweets business and three, going on four, years at the Oscars under her belt, what could be next for Sabara?

“We plan on opening another shop/business this year focusing solely on chocolate and sweets. Stay tuned!”

For more information or to place an order, visit Glamour Bombonier on Facebook and/or Instagram @Glamour_Bombonier.

Story by Rachel Shuster