ICraze Frozen Yogurt

By Rebecca True

Ok, sure, as the weather turns colder, not everyone thinks about diving into some frozen yogurt. But first of all, it’s not cold out yet, and second, Icraze’s froyo is SO good you’d crave it even if you lived on the North Pole.

Icraze opened up in the White City plaza earlier this August as a self-serve froyo station and has been a hit ever since. Owner Phuong Tran explains that Icraze offers twelve flavors and 80 ~ no, that’s not a typo, it’s 80) toppings, so you can mix and match as many flavors and toppings as you want to create the perfect customized treat (warming: with all the options, it might take you a while to decide on exactly what you’re going to put on your froyo…and that’s AFTER you decide which flavor of yogurt you’re going to choose!). Tran says that this method of self-service is perfect for this busy area ~ and that customers really like all the options…and the price, which is only 48 cents per ounce!

Icraze is open seven days a week: 11am-9:30pm Mon, Tues, Wed, and Sun., and 11am-11am on Fri and Sat. Tran shares that the busiest times are after lunch and during the dinner hours, and that frequently long lines form in the small space, but the minimal wait never affects business (you’ll know why as soon as you head to Icraze and make your own froyo concoction!). Inside, there’s seating for eighteen, and right outside there are benches so that you can enjoy your froyo in the fresh air ~ and do some people-watching while you’re at it.

Tran says that iCraze will absolutely be getting into the holiday spirit for Halloween and other holidays, but they’re still in the process of deciding on which new flavors and toppings they’ll offer for each ~ but you can bet whatever they choose will be delicious.

Get ready to get creative ~ go put together the froyo of your dreams at Icraze ~ and keep an eye out for their frequent promotions of up to 20% off.

www.facebook.com/ICrazeFrozenYogurt (check here often for special flavors of the week!)