Now Serving – The Bean Counter, Shrewsbury

By Jennie Fitzgerald

We’re all familiar with local favorite The Bean Counter for its amazing coffee and desserts ~ the perfect place to relax with a cappuccino and read (Pulse Mag, of course!) or chat it up with friends after a long weekend. Now there will be a second store on Rt.9 in Shrewsbury, so you’ve got two close-by destinations for a staggering selection of coffees, teas, desserts, and even vegan offerings.

The Highland Street location has become a trademark spot to cool down with an iced coffee, gaze at the art work, and try to decide which morsel of dessert you will devour. Alice Lombardy, owner, says she is aiming for the same effect at this second location. With its own parking lot (yes!) and more room to accommodate a retail store and bakery kitchen, this location has a bright future!

The menu will be the same, including all their specialty coffees and hand made desserts. For all the brides-to-be who track Alice down for her amazing cakes, she hasn’t let you down ~ Mara Mahoney, pastry chef at the Highland St. location (and the person responsible for our Pulse writer Lauren Koblara’s amazing wedding cake!), has moved over to the new digs and there will be a section of the store where brides can individually taste cakes (and have cake consultations to reach their ultimate cake creation (what a mouth full)!

Ken Law of KPL Design can take credit for the caramel, cream, and espresso color scheme, sleek black chairs, granite bistro style tables and the warm, inviting environment. This larger location will also have free Wifi and more room for socializing with friends. When asked what her intention was for the new store, Alice humbly replied, “…to continue to make our customers happy with our premium quality coffee, cakes, desserts, pastries, and baked goods.

She hasn’t forgotten about the artists either ~ since the waiting list for the Worcester store is full through November 08’, Alice hopes to feature more artists in her new gallery.

If you’re mouth isn’t watering already, visit either location on Highland St. or Rt. 9 and you’ll be in store for some tasty treats and a great vibe that will keep you coming back!

288 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, 508.754.0505. Open 7 days a week; 7am to 7pm M-Thurs, open ‘til 9pm on Fri. & Sat.