Popcorn Palace!

By Steph Moore

dining-popcorn-palace-2-copyWhat comes to mind when you hear the words Double Chocolate, Caramel Nut, Peanut Butter Drizzle or Cookies in Cream??? Candy bars? Ice cream? Nope, guess again!

Can you image any better snack than delicious popcorn in those flavors. I have personally tried these decadent bits (my favorite is Cookies in Cream with actual Oreo bits)… DELISH! In fact, I actually had them as favors at my wedding in August and they were the talk of the event (I think for a moment, people forgot they were at a wedding…haha).

For the past 15 years Popcorn Palace has been providing families and charities the freshest and most flavorful popcorn. They have seen tremendous growth, evolving from a local retail store in Chicago to a 24,000 square foot production facility that ships across the nation. Through it all, the recipes, creative process, and dedication to superior ingredients have remained unchanged.

Popcorn Palace’s commitment to creating a superior product has earned them features on the Food Network’s “Unwrapped,” “Rachel Ray’s $40 A Day,” Al Roker’s “Roker on the Road,” and the History Channel’s “Modern Marvels.” The Chicago Tribune even gave them a taste and declared that they make the most awesome snack and awarded them the only A+ grade. And it’s easy to see…well, taste…why ~ this popcorn is the fluffiest, most flavorful I’ve ever tasted. It’s like a whole new breed of popcorn ~ try a bag of Popcorn Palace popcorn and then any movie or store-bought brand ~ you’ll never, EVER go back to those common brands again! PP was also recently was named to Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 fastest growing food and beverage companies in America. Popcorn Palace is also proud to be a personal favorite among many celebrities, including the world’s most famous investor, Warren Buffet, who called the popcorn “AAA+.”

Instead of shelling out money for party favors that will most likely wind up in the trash, many are starting to invest in delicious gifts that guests can enjoy from the start. Popcorn Palace specializes in a wide variety of unique and tasty hand-crafted popcorn flavors that have guests munching contentedly along during the big event. From sweet Cookies and Cream (my personal favorite) to Spicy Cheese (this one has a real kick!), indulge in a unique treat for the taste buds.

Each order of Popcorn Palace’s gourmet popcorn is made fresh daily in small batches and shipped within 24 hours of preparation. They guarantee their products will arrive fresh, crisp, and bursting with flavor for the enjoyment of all the soon-to-be nibblers.

When it comes to event packaging, Popcorn Palace has a number of ways to delight. Their elegant silver lame pouches and 1 quart tins make memorable gifts that store a tasty surprise. Their party favors are reusable and can be personalized with names, dates, and sentiments to match the event. Popcorn Palace products can also be bought in tins and refillable value bags so those who enjoy the DIY way of life can divvy up the flavors in their own fashion.

In addition to providing gifts and party favors, Popcorn Palace has a fundraising program that beats the socks off any old chocolate bar campaign. They’ve helped numerous schools, clubs, sports teams, churches, and non-profits raise money for countless worthy causes, including: the American Cancer Society, People to People, Youth Camp and Convention Scholarships, and Relay for Life.

So come on…. try some ~ I guarantee it’ll become your favorite snack after just one taste!

Please visit www.popcornpalace.com.

Photo courtesy of EPlove.net