It’s Time for Samuel Adams’ Summer Styles Variety 12-Pack

This Year’s Pack Features Two New Delicious Flavors!

By Rick Garner

What’s one of the best ways to shake off the hellish winter we’ve had and welcome the warmer weather with open arms? You pick up the 2011 Samuel Adams Summer Styles variety pack! The pack, available mid-April through late August, once again features crowd favorites Samuel Adams Summer Ale, Boston Lager, Latitude 48 and Sam Adams Light) ~ and this year they are joined by two new flavors, Samuel Adams Rustic Saison and Samuel Adams East-West Kölsch.

8578881kolschbodyAnd exactly what kind of taste can you expect from these new kids on the block? Samuel Adams Rustic Saison is a take on the classic farmhouse ale, originally brewed during the summer months as a satisfying beer to quench the farmers’ thirst. Containing a unique strain of Belgian yeast, this golden hazy beer is both complex and refreshing, boasting floral, herbal, and spicy flavors and a citrusy hop character.

The East-West Kölsch is brewed with Alsatian hops for a lemony citrus note and aged on a bed of Jasmine Sambac blossoms for a delicate floral aroma, putting a spin on the classic German style. In traditional Kölsch fashion, this brew was created by combining a warm fermentation at ale-like temperatures with lager-like cold conditioning.

And as delish as all Sam Adams brews are to drink, they’re just as yummy when used in recipes ~ here are a couple to try out ~ what a great excuse to have some friends over and show off your cooking skills!!

Samuel Adams East West Kölsch Hot Dog ­

Created by KEN ORINGER for Sam Adams


6 hot dogs

1 bottle of Samuel Adams East West Kölsch

4 large onions, sliced

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon ginger

1 tablespoon garlic

1 teaspoon Thai fish sauce

2 teaspoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon Thai Sriracha hot sauce

6 tablespoons Samuel Adams East West Kölsch beer

Salt to taste

6 hot dog buns, toasted



Chopped cilantro


Heat a gas grill or prepare a charcoal grill with hot coals to medium high heat.

Boil hot dogs in beer for 4 minutes. Then place them on hot grill. Grill the hot dogs until they are lightly charred. Set aside.

Mix the sliced onions, olive oil, sugar, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, lemon juice, paprika, hot sauce and beer in a large casserole dish. Cook over medium heat until onions are soft and all the flavors are incorporated. Add salt to taste. Remove from heat when all the excess liquid has evaporated. It should end up as an intense lightly caramelized mixture. Set aside and keep warm.


Place a hot dog in a toasted bun. Top with onion mixture. Spread the mayo and mustard. Sprinkle the chopped cilantro on top. They are perfect to enjoy while watching early season baseball games.


Samuel Adams Rustic Saison Beer & Cheddar Fondue ­

Created by KEN ORINGER for Sam Adams



1 bottle of Samuel Adams Rustic Saison Beer

1 clove of garlic, chopped

1 pound grated Gruyère cheese

1 pound grated Comté cheese

2 pounds grated extra sharp cheddar cheese

½ teaspoon dry mustard

⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon honey

Salt and pepper

I tablespoon cornstarch

3 ounces Samuel Adams Rustic Saison beer

One loaf of French bread, cut into 2 inch cubes

Green apple wedges


Pour one bottle of beer into a large casserole or fondue pot. Add garlic, and bring to a boil. Reduce the mixture to half over low heat.

Over medium heat, stir in the grated cheese with a wooden spoon until smooth. Add mustard and the cayenne. Salt and pepper to taste. Then add the honey. Mix until well incorporated.

In a small bowl, combine the cornstarch and the 3 ounces of beer. Mix until smooth. Pour this mixture into the fondue and whisk continuously until smooth and thickened.


Serve hot with the cubed bread and green apple wedges.


Is your mouth watering yet? There’s a simple solution ~ head to your nearest liquor store, pick up the 2011 Samuel Adams Summer Styles variety pack (or two, since you know friends are going to be popping by more as more frequently as the weather gets nicer), kick back and enjoy ~ safely, of course!