A “Chilly Twist” on Your Favorite Cup

By Kristie Bartlett

chilly-straw-drinkNo-one likes drinks that get warm after only a few minutes, and losing your drink once you put it down because all of the cups look the same is a buzzkill. Frozen mugs keep drinks colder, but the bulkiness combined with the taste, odors and impurities of the freezer taint and somewhat water down the drinks to a point where the flavor is no longer enjoyable.

So what’s the solution? It’s the Chilly Twist™ cup. From the barbecue to the kitchen to parties to tailgating, this chilled, partially insulated, vibrantly colored, 16 ounce, environmentally friendly, BPA & Lead Free cup provides the most refreshing drinks possible.

The Chilly Twist™ base was designed to be compact, easily stackable and never in contact with the drink itself; with the cup and base combination, you get the benefits of a frozen mug without its pitfalls or the drawbacks of a traditional cup.

Whether you prefer your drink at 32 degrees or 60 degrees, Chilly Twist™ provides the ideal environment for maximum enjoyment of your beverage. Since the cups and bases are interchangeable, you can color code your cup so you can always find your cup.

Frozen mugs can cost $10 or more for one mug; a set of 6 Chilly Twist™ cups with 6 bases cost $19.99. And the bases are not only interchangeable with all of the different colored cups, providing many vibrant color combinations, but the bases will be interchangeable with future products including a Travel Mug, Sippy Cup and Snack Cup.

Chilly Twist™ cups are also ideal for the Flip Cup Crowd and Beer Pong Crowd. New versions of Beer Pong are possible with the stacking capabilities of the cup as well as new games based on the many colors available. Cups are available at www.ChillyTwist.com (I use mine daily to keep my iced coffee chilled ~ I love it!).

Features of the Chilly Twist:

Long-lasting, re-useable cup ~ it’ll be with you for years with normal use!
Replaces disposable cups, saving money and the environment
50+ color combos so that you can always find YOUR cup ~ prevents wasted drinks and the spreading of germs
Chills drinks down to 32 degrees or less
Almost half the cup is insulated, so your hand won’t wind up warming your drink
Cups and bases are BPA & lead free!
The bases’ coolant gel is FDA approved and both non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Last sip is colder than the first!
Ice (if you use it) lasts longer
No risk of broken glass
Cup is top rack dishwasher safe, base should be hand-washed as needed

“Go Green with the Coolest Cup”