Samuel Adams 26.2 Boston Brew

By Kerry Cyganiewicz

Usually when I reach for a craft beer, I am looking for something heavy, dark and flavorful. But sometimes, that just doesn’t work, like when you’re mowing the lawn on a hot summer day, standing in front of the grill or if you just ran a marathon.

Samuel Adams recently released its 26.2 Boston Brew, which is a partnership with the Boston Athletic Association. The BAA organizes the Boston Marathon. This 4.5% ABV Gose-style ale is described as having “light cereal notes from malted and unmalted wheat, rounded out by a spicy, peppery character with a soft, mineral quality from a touch of salt. The result is an unusual and delicate brew that is full of flavors to discover … and worth crossing the finish line for.”

Here is my take:

Appearance:  A golden, honey-colored ale with a short, dense head that disappears slowly. It leaves traces of foam (Belgian lace) along the glass as you drink it. That’s a sign of a well-made beer.

Aroma:  A light citrus, spice and caramelized malt aroma ~ quite subdued and pleasant.

Taste: Tasted like it smelled. Well carbonated for such a small head. Finish is smooth, with minimal citrus notes lingering in the background.

Mouthfeel: A smooth, light-bodied beer that’s easy to drink.

Overall: A flavorful, lighter beer that’s refreshing.

Samuel Adams 26.2 Boston Brew is only available for a limited time on tap. If you see it, try it. It will tide you over nicely until the Summer Ale is released.

Photo: 3-6-2013 Boston,Mass, Beer scene took place at the Cheers Beacon Hill Bar in the Hampshire House  to celebrate Samuel Adams Boston 26.2 Brew commemorates the celebrating running of the 117th Boston Marathon. From left are: Sam Adams CEO Jin Koch , Boston Athletic Association President Joann Flaminio,  and Boston Marathon Winner Bill Rogers. Globe photo by Bill Brett.