Samuel Adams Single Batch ~ Dark Depths & Cinder Bock

By Rick Garner

Samuel Adams Single Batch is a limited edition collection of the Samuel Adams brewers’ favorite beers, offered in individual 22oz. bottles and created with unique ingredients from around the world. As the brewers come up with new and exciting creations, the Single Batch styles that are available to the public will rotate, so try these two special brews while they’re still here!

Samuel Adams Dark Depths
The brewers reimagined their Baltic porter recipe as an IPA, combining the big and contrasting flavors of dark roasted malts and bold citrus hops with the smoothness of a lager. The result is a 7.60% ABV, dark and fierce Baltic porter, transformed from a mild ale to a complex, definition-confounding lager. It has a distinct hop character with grapefruit and resinous pine notes and robust espresso flavors from its dark roasted malts. The bold hoppiness of this brew cuts through the richness of creamy dishes like dark chocolate mouse or strong cheeses like Camembert. The beer’s roasty malts also add a depth of flavor and complexity to roasted meats ~ particularly duck.

Samuel Adams Cinder Bock
At 9.46% ABV, Cinder Bock lands on the palate with a rush of the bold smoke of a rauchbier…and then lingers to reveal the velvety malt smoothness of a double bock taken in a new direction; it’s transformed from its distinctive campfire smokiness to a hearty and satisfying finish, laced with notes of toffee and caramel and pleasant hints of smoked wood and sweetness. This smokiness and malty sweetness work perfectly with classic German fare like sausages, smoked meats, and game, and also compliment dark chocolate desserts.
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