Samuel Adams Stein Hoisting Competition

By Rick Garner

Just this past month, on Sept. 22 at 8pm ET, Samuel Adams brought the first of their many Oktoberfest celebrations to the States for those of us who just couldn’t make it to Munich this year. Their Samuel Adams National Stein Hoisting Competition was in full swing, and, in addition to serving up a delish marzen style lager named after the always festive occasion (or holiday, for some true beer lovers!), craft beer fans across the country were invited to help set a world record for the largest simultaneous stein hoist ever. Competitions were held in Boston, Cincinnati, Denver, and Chicago.

If you’re like me and couldn’t make the Boston hoisting, no worries ~ we can still be part of Samuel Adams OctoberFest history by following Sam Adams on Facebook to hoist a stein at home and watch Jim Koch kick off the hoist live in Cincinnati. Keep an eye out for local stein hosting events at pubs and bars through October 15 ~ check for a location near you at

Here are a few tips to get you prepped for the competition:

1. Turn on some traditional Oompah music and get fired up.

2. Don your fave traditional Oktoberfest garb ~ lederhosen, dirndl, felt hat. Rumor has it you’ll hoist your stein longer if you look the part.

3. Warm up with some of those bicep stretches.

4. Fill your stein to the brim with Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

5. With full stein in hand, hold one arm straight out, parallel to the floor, and have a friend start the timer. If you drop your arm, you’re out!

6. The hoister who can keep his or her arm in the air longest is the winner. Cheers to the stein hoisting champ!