Spicy Music and Food!

Chef Peter Davis of Henrietta’s Table at The Charles Hotel Will Serve Dr. Stanley Sagov’s South African Jazz Curry Dish
in synch with Dr. Sagov’s Jazz Concert at Regattabar

Chef Peter Davis, who heads up the fabulous Henrietta’s Table at the Charles Hotel [One Bennett Street, Cambridge] , has agreed to cook Dr. Stanley Sagov’s special South African Jazz Curry dish as a side order at Henrietta’s in sync with the Sagov band’s appearance at the Regattabar March 4. Regattabar ticket buyers can also receive a 10% discount on dinners at Henrietta’s!

“This curry dish that chef Davis and I are going to offer at Henrietta’s is one that I grew up with living in South Africa and I’ve been making it for family and friends for years. It’s a heady mix of both spicy and sweet flavors carefully combined with fresh vegetables. In South Africa, Javanese slaves from the Dutch colonies and later Indian workers from the British empire were added to the mix of culinary influences that I benefited from in my formative years. Just as the curry dish combines ingredients like coconut, mango and yogurt with peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables with an array of spicey flavors including ginger, tumeric, coriander, and garlic, so my particular brand of jazz is an amalgam of many different ethnic influences as well.”

Stanley Sagov & The Remembering The Future Jazz Band are a bunch of grizzled jazz veterans who never really grew up, still love to play the music and want to share that experience and the food in the moment of creation. They are booked appear at The Regattabar at the Charles Hotel, One Bennett Street in Cambridge at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, March 4. Tickets at $20.00 each can be purchased on line at www.regattabarjazz.com or by calling 617-395-7757. Dinner reservations at Henrietta’s Table can be made by calling 617-661-5005.

Featuring Stanley Sagov on piano, John Lockwood on acoustic bass, Bob Moses on drums, Stan Strickland on sax, flute and vocals and Mike Peipman on trumpet, the band will make its debut at The Regattabar while celebrating a two fabulous new CDs to be released shortly, one entitled South African Jazz Curry and the other, More Memories of The Future.5

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Dr. Stanley Sagov has always been crazy about jazz-based musics. Sagov, who also plays guitar, violin, oboe, bass and drums is known primarily as a keyboardist with extraordinary talents.

A family practice physician by day with a full-time medical practice in Greater Boston, Dr. Sagov’s evenings and weekends are spent with his jazz, his family and his photography.

After graduating from medical school in South Africa, Dr. Sagov moved to New York City where he had the opportunity to perform with many of his musical heroes ~ among them Booker Ervin, Howard McGhee, Jimmy Garrison, Billy Hart, Elvin Jones, Roland Kirk, Ted Curson, Sheila Jordan, Bob Moses and many other wonderful musicians.

In 1970, he moved to Boston to attend the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music; he graduated with a degree in jazz piano and oboe. His mentors while at NEC included Jaki Byard, George Russell, Thad Jones, John Lewis, Kenny Dorham, Bob Brookmeyer, Frank Foster, Gerry Mulligan, Cecil McBee, Buell Neidlinger, Tom McKinley and others.

Sagov found that he hated touring, but loved the music, so in addition to his full time medical livelihood, he now produces his music at home and independently markets it on the internet.