Stoli Vodka’s Newest Flavors

Stolichnaya White Pomegranik and Stolichnaya Wild Cherri

By R. Peltier

The famous Stolichnaya Vodka brand already included a whole range of delicious flavors: Ohranj, Blueberi, Razberi, Vanil, Citros, Cranberi, Peachik, Strasberi, Blakberi and Gala Applik. Joining them now are White Pomegranik and Wild Cherri.

Stolichnaya White Pomegranik ~ The first vodka made with the natural flavor of the elusive white pomegranate varieta, White Pomegranik is Stolichnaya’s eleventh flavor innovation and a complement to a range of vodkas that have become bar (and home!) essentials. White pomegranate has an impeccable pedigree and its roots can be traced back to antiquity. For centuries, this intriguing fruit has been revered as sacred and prized by notables from monks to monarchs. Rarer than the more commonly known red varietal, white pomegranate has fewer tannins and is less tart. Well-balanced and with less acidity, Stoli White Pomegranik is set apart by its natural sweetness and exceptional freshness. On the nose, Stoli White Pomegranik offers an authentic musky-sweet, earthy aroma of ripe pomegranate, buoyed by bright undertones of cherry and red berries. Innately elegant and versatile, White Pomegranik’s sophisticated, subtle flavor profile makes it a perfect pour whether sipped solo or blended in cocktails like the signature Stoli White Pom Gimlet.

Stolichnaya Wild Cherri ~ The twelfth flavor in the brand’s vodka portfolio was created from the natural flavor of the wild cherry varietal and was years in the making, Stoli Wild Cherri is naturally flavored with the purest of refined fruit extracts. One of the world’s oldest cultivated fruits, the wild cherry varietal is an ancestor of the cultivated sweet cherry, indigenous to the Caucasus Mountain region that lies between the Black and the Caspian Seas. Prized for their freshness and depth of flavor, wild cherries are a highlight of the summer season. Unwilling to add just another cherry vodka to the market, Stoli spent years refining and perfecting their recipe to offer a flavor profile that perfectly balances sweet and tart, a spirit with a rich cherry aroma perfumed with aromatic hints of vanilla. On the palate, Stoli Wild Cherri delivers a bright and juicy hit, a full, fleshy cherry taste accented with touches of red plum and a pleasing piquant tartness.

Stoli’s Wild Cherri inspired Charlotte Voisey, company mixologist with William Grant & Sons USA, to create these delicious recipes:

pulsecockswildcherririckyt-copyStoli Wild Cherri Lime Ricky

2 parts Stoli Wild Cherri
½ part fresh lime juice
4 parts lemon-lime sods
Dash of grenadine

Shake and pour into an ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wheel and fresh cherries.
Stoli Wild Cherri Mohito

1 ½ parts Stoli Wild Cherri
½ part fresh lime juice
½ parts simply syrup
8 mint leaves
Splash of club soda
Build ingredients in a tall glad. Garnish with a cherry and a mint sprig.

Stoli Wild Cherri Cosmo

1 ½ parts Stoli Wild Cherri
¾ part triple secpulsecockscherrimilehigh-copy
½ part fresh lime juice
½ part cranberry juice

Combine ingredients and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Serve with a cherry and lime wheel on a cocktail pick.

Stoli Wild Cheri Smash

1 ½ parts Stoli Whild Cherri
¾ part fresh lemon juice
¾ part simply syrup
Splash of cherry soda (ginger or cola)
4 brandied cherries

Muddle cherries, add ingredients except soda and shake well. Serve in an ice-filled rocks glass and finish with a soda splash. Garnish with a cherry and a lemon wheel on a cocktail pick.

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