Take Your Grilling Indoors

By Lynn N. Capri

Although the days and nights of outdoor grilling are (lamentably) coming to an end, there’s so reason you can’t still enjoy delicious flavors reminiscent of summer on your indoor grill! These recipes are the creations of Chef Domenic Chiaromonte of MATCH restaurant in Toronto, Canada; his culinary accomplishments have been recognized by the ICA Las Vegas (CATIE) Awards and landed him as a top ten finalist in Food Network’s “Superstar Chef Challenge” in 2007. Try one of these amazing dishes and you’ll see why!

Grilled chicken and artichoke lollipops with a mango ketchup
For grilled chicken and artichoke lollipops
(12 portions)
2 8 oz chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)
100 gr marinated artichokes
1 clove garlic minced
½ red onion minced
2 egg whites
2 tbsp panko bread crumbs
2 tbsp mirin
2 tblsp fresh basil fine chop
1 package lollipop sticks
–  Place all ingredients  except lollipop sticks in a food processor and pulse
–  Allow food processor to run  on low until mixture is mixed well
–  If mixture is too wet add more panko bread crumbs
–  If too dry add more egg whites
–  Mixture should be smooth and easy to roll into balls
–  Season to taste
–  Divide chicken mixture into 12 portions
–  Roll each portion into balls
–  Season again with salt and place on grill
–  Allow to cook on all sides
–  Place on upper level of barbecue or cooler side of barbecue to cook well without burning
–  When fully cooked skewer with lollipop stick and dip in mango ketchup
For Mango Ketchup
 2 medium mangos peeled
2 tbsp rice wine vinegar (seasoned)
½ tsp ground ginger
Pinch cayenne
Pinch cinnamon
Pinch allspice
Pinch smoked paprika
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup raw sugar

– Cut mango away from seed
– Chop coarse
– Place all ingredients in a pot
– Cook well till mango is soft
– Pulse in a food processor
– Allow to mix well, till smooth
– Season to taste with salt
– Allow to cool and serve

Roasted fennel and salmon burgers on honey garlic buns and pickled ginger mayo

For salmon burgers
4 burgers
4 4oz salmon steaks
4 pcs roasted fennel recipe to follow
1 clove garlic
2 tbsp hoisin
1 tsp paprika
1 egg
2 tbsp panko bread crumbs
Salt to taste
– Place all ingredients in a food processor
– Mix well
– Place in a bowl
– Season to taste
– Form into 4 patties
– Grill to perfection
For honey garlic buns
4 large hamburger buns or Kaisers
2 tbsp honey
1/2 clove garlic minced
1 tbsp water
– Mix honey, garlic, water and salt in a bowl
– Mix well till smooth paste
– Place buns in oven till almost crisp
– Remove and brush honey mixture on top
– Place in oven again till honey mixture caramelizes
For pickled ginger mayo
300 ml mayonnaise
2 tbsp mirin
4 tbsp pickled ginger minced
½ clove garlic minced
– Place all ingredients in a bowl
– Mix well and season with salt if needed
Caesar salad skewers
Serves 8
8×10 x2 piece of fresh foccacia
1 romaine heart
2 cup parmesan
2 cups Caesar dressing (creamy)
– Cut foccacia into 1 inch squares
– Cut romaine leaves into 1 by 2 inch squares
– Place dressing in a bowl with a pastry brush
– Place cheese in a flat dish
– Skewer foccacia then romaine and alternate 3 times
– Brush heavily with Caesar dressing all around
– Roll skewer in parmesan cheese
– Refrigerate till sets and serve