Located at 11 Kelley Square in Worcester, The Ballot Box is no ordinary bar. Owner and former state representative, state senator and Worcester County sheriff, Guy Glodis, has combined his personal and professional passions to create a unique experience for patrons in Worcester and beyond.

Before you even walk into the space, which opened Jan. 20, you notice the front door, which reads, “District office hours, held daily,” so you know you’re in for a good time. Walk in and embark on a historic and exciting political journey from years past and present.

“There is paraphernalia from the past 70 years, all the way back from the 1930s,” Glodis said. “There are over 100 artifacts in the bar from signs, buttons, stickers and newspaper articles.”

As a kid, Glodis’ father, who served as state representative in the ’80s and ’90s, took him to many political events, and along the way, Glodis collected memorabilia. Glodis himself has been a part of politics for a good portion of his life.

“I have been a public safety lobbyist, campaign consultant … it’s all come full circle,” he said. “I have seen politics from so many different angles and perspectives, and with The Ballot Box, I see it now as an entrepreneurial effort. I want to share these artifacts and the unique stories behind each one. It’s a tribute to local history.”

Glodis got the idea for The Ballot Box at UMass in 1991. “There were a lot of politics at the time with the Gulf War. I was in student government, and we would meet and have arguments about what was going on, but after meetings, everything became civil again,” Glodis said. “We would get together in the student lounge and things were amicable. That’s when I got this idea.”

He emphasized that The Ballot Box is a place that can bring people with opposing views together. “Whether you’re a right-winged conservative or a Democrat, you’ll find something here to connect with,” he said.

Besides the amazing historic artifacts, you could very well rub elbows with various local politicians who visit The Ballot Box regularly for some pretty great drinks and light appetizers!

“We have a fully stocked liquor bar. We have many signature cocktails, which are named after political events or people. Our best seller is the Trumptini, which is a bit of a spoof – it is made with the highest-grade Mexican tequila,” Glodis laughed. Other signature cocktails include The Lobbyist, The Roll Call, The Constituent and The Activist.

The Ballot Box also has light appetizers, such as cheese trays, German pretzels, and during the day, the amazing signature sandwich special that is a throwback to the Campy Special from Campy’s Deli.

“It is a spicy Italian grinder, which was popular in Worcester during the ’80s,” Glodis said. The Italian grinder, bag of chips and a 16-ounce cold beer are all yours for $5.75. What?!

The prices are low, with draft beers running you $2.75, bottled beers between $4 and $5, and martinis $7. Light bar appetizers will run you $5 to $8.

The Ballot Box has live entertainment on Thursday nights, a DJ on Saturday nights and periodically has other bands. Be sure to check out the shuffleboard, Keno and function room, which you can use for free!

“The room holds about 50-60 people, so it’s perfect for birthday parties, luncheons, private parties, etc.,” Glodis said.

The Ballot Box is usually open seven days a week from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 a.m.; however, closing varies by day.

For more information, be sure to check The Ballot Box on Facebook.

Rachel Shuster