The fine art of whiskey is taught at the Grey Hound Pub

Authentic Irish pubs aren’t defined by store-bought shamrock decor, dyed-green Bud Light on St. Patrick’s Day or relic-themed names. However, The Grey Hound Pub offers an authentic Irish experience.

The Grey Hound Pub, located at 139 Water St. by Kelley Square, boasts a 75-bottle selection of whiskey, the perfect pint of Guinness and a full Irish breakfast, available day and night. From Scotch Eggs to Bangers and Mashed and from expertly poured Guinness to an imposing array of single malts, owner Paul Curley need not rely on imitation Irish.

Curley, who reopened The Grey Hound on New Year’s Eve, after moving the pub a few hundred yards from its previous location, has since been flooded with loyal patrons and newcomers alike. “The rush never stops,” Curley said.

Apart from memorizing the black label of a Jack Daniel’s liter and suffering the day-after effects of rum in excess, I conceded to Curley that my knowledge of hard alcohol is far from encyclopedic.

But The Grey Hound’s character, I learned, extends past the live European football and rugby matches aired daily on two plasma TVs and the sea of Irish League flags hanging from the ceiling. Curley and his bartenders happily explain the nuances of their Irish whiskies and Scotches.
They’re educators who don’t place cash over customer, but instead shed light on the Scotch filling your glass. The term “Scotch” gets thrown around a lot, often erroneously, Curley said. By definition, he emphasized, Scotch must meet three standards: “It must be made [distilled and matured] in Scotland. It must be aged for at least three years and in an oak cask. And it must contain at least 40 percent alcohol by volume [AVB].”

Why settle for Bushmills or Jameson when The Grey Hound’s bartenders can fix you a drink from the pub’s extensive selection? “I’m still trying to find out if it’s the biggest collection [in Worcester County],” Curley said

If you need more evidence that The Grey Hound is the pinnacle of Worcester County’s Irish pub scene, consider this: Curley proudly sponsors Worcester Faded Black Rugby FC, Worcester Rugby Football Club, Worcester Hurling Club and The Worcester Shamrocks, all local rugby or hurling clubs.

Why settle on the usual, when Paul and his staff can treat you to an unforgettable, authentic experience at The Grey Hound Pub?

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