The World Tea Expo East

Do you drink tea? If so, you are not alone ~ 76% of households drink regular tea, and in fact it’s the most consumed beverage after water.

This hot trend has been gaining strength in America over the past decade, and now the big players are not just only Lipton, Arizona or plain green and black tea; now we talk about categories of white, oolong, Tisanes, Herbal Infusion and many more.

The World Tea Expo East, an educational and informative conference and trade show for the tea industry, will be on the East Coast for the first time from September 23-26 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and will be co-located with Natural Products Expo East. This local showing opens many opportunities for those who were unable to travel to Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo.

George Jage, president and co-founder of World Tea Expo East and SFG Group LLC, and a true tea guru, will be in attendance. Mr. Jage is an expert in the field and extremely knowledgeable about the impact of the tea industry on consumers and distributors, trends in the tea industry and why tea will move from the 7th most consumed beverage in the US to the 4th by 2015, why it will see more than triple in sales volume in less than a decade, how the growth of tea salons may affect the business of coffee icons like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, and the importance of World Tea Expo East coming to the East Coast and what the benefits and opportunities there are for the industry right now.

For additional information, including a list of tea-centric and tea-friendly companies attending and how to register on-line or by phone (this event is open to members of the trade only), visit