TPK Opens

The Niche Hospitality Group opened its latest creation on October 1st. TPK, located on Worcester’s Commercial Street opposite the DCU Center, is a showcase for Chef Bill Nemeroff’s culinary expertise and creativity.

TPK stands for “The People’s Kitchen” ( I haven’t figured out yet just which people can turn out amazing food like this in their own kitchens).

Nemroff and his staff are curing their own meats, including Prosciutto, and aging their own steaks. On top of that, you can order from their seasonal menu ~ which on opening night included starters like Steak Tartare and Roasted Pork Belly. Both were exquisite.

Also make sure to try the Tuna Noodle Casserole, a far cry from what you remember from the high school cafeteria. At TPK, line caught Albacore Tuna is seared in olive oil and tossed with pasta and peas in a luscious cream sauce. It is additive.

The combination of innovative food and large portions make TPK a must-try.