V-One Vodka, The Best You’ll Ever Taste

By Rick Garner

V-One Vodka was created by 28-year old entrepreneur Paul Kozub as a way to honor his recently deceased father and Polish grandfather, whose entrepreneurial spirit Paul both admired and inherited: “In 2003 my Polish Grandfather passed away and left me $6K, I used that money to travel to Poland to research vodka and to start distilling different vodka recipes in the basement of my Hadley, MA home.” Little did he know that only three years later V-One would be considered one of the world’s finest vodkas, carried in over 1000 locations in MA and CT.

pulsecocks-copyOn September 1st 2005, Paul launched V-One Vodka, the world’s first 100% Spelt Wheat Vodka (it is gluten free as well). Spelt is known as the mother of all wheats, as it is over 7000 years old, and per acre it is the most costly grain to grow. Using only Spelt Wheat and a modern 5x distillation process allows for V-One’s extremely clean finish. Within its first two years on the market , V-One earned national acclaim with a “Gold Medal” at the World Spirit Competition in San Francisco California, “Superb 95 points” in Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and “Four Stars, Outstanding” from the Spirit Journal. In 2010, V-One Vodka earned the highest honor, with the unanimous “Double Gold” at the World Spirit Competition. This award, along with the others, places V-One vodka as one of the most awarded vodkas of all time.

World Spirit Competition, San Francisco: “Top Award, Double Gold”
Wine Enthusiast Magazine, New York: “95pts, Superb!”
#1 For Quality & #1 Overall of 1000 of the World’s Top Vodkas!: Pikimal.com
Beverage Tasting Institute, Chicago: “Highly Recommended”
Billy Costa NECN & “TV Diner Show,” Boston: “The actual best vodka in the world”

Summer is the perfect time to try V-One Vodka ~ and these cocktails are the perfect way!

The V-One Mojito

2 1/2 oz. of V-One Vodka
1 oz. simple syrup
1 oz. fresh lime juice
2 lime wedges
7 or 8 mint leaves In the bottom of a 16 oz. glass, muddle the simple syrup, lime juice, lime wedges and mint leaves. Fill the glass with ice and add V-One. Top off with club soda. Enjoy

The V-One POM

2 oz. V-One Vodka
1 oz. ultra-premium orange liquor
Splash of pomegranate juice
Twist of lime
Place all ingredients into a martini shaker with ice. Shake. Pour. Garnish with lime. Enjoy!

V-One Cosmo

3oz. V-One Vodka
1/2 oz. ultra-premium orange flavor liquor
Splash of cranberry juice
Squeeze of lime

Pro V-One

2 oz. V-One Vodka
Splash of lemonade
Splash of iced tea
Place all the ingredients into a 16 ounce glass and head out for your favorite golf course!

V-One & Tonic

30z. V-One Vodka
Tonic Water
Squeeze of lime

For more information about V-One Vodka, please visit www.v1vodka.com.

Photo (top): Paul Kozub with a bottle of V-One Vodka in a field of spelt wheat