With the recent addition of VIA, a 7500 sq. ft restaurant that features private function space, patio dining, and the comforting tag line “Italian Table,” a mighty culinary triumvirate has been formed; owned by the same folks behind the award-winning 111 Chophouse and The Sole Proprietor, VIA, which means “way” in Italian, will feature many products imported directly from the Italian countryside. Guests can choose from a selection of grilled pizzas and sandwiches and from authentic Italian dishes such as gnocchi pie, Italian paella, Sicilian meatloaf and swordfish. The restaurant will also feature an open kitchen with a rotisserie (where meals like Tuscan pork, chicken and wild boar are prepared), a gelato bar, a bread baking station, an antipasto station, and a full bar for wine (Via stocks around 50 different wines, almost exclusively Italian), liquor and cocktails. Late-night diners can enjoy many of the items on the menu until 1:30 a.m. and Via, which will be open seven days a week, also offers a “to go” menu.

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  1. Reggie Cleveland
    Reggie Cleveland
    October 5, 2007 at 3:34 pm

    Visually, the best spot in the city. Service is as good as the other two locations (Sole and Chop House), but the menu is lacking. The red sauce is completely unedible. Appetizers are decent and drink/wine selection is above par. If the food gets upgraded, this will be as good as the others.

  2. VIA Italian Table | TasteWorcester
    VIA Italian Table | TasteWorcester
    July 18, 2008 at 11:44 am

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