Worcester Restaurant Week 20.09


A Very Tasty Idea

The first annual Worcester Restaurant Week kicks off on August 3 and runs ‘til August 14 at almost 50 of the area’s premier dining establishments. The concept is a simple one and has been copied from several other cities around the country: for $20.09, the customer gets a choice of several pre-selected, special 3 course meals at the participating restaurants. So what do you get for those 20 bucks? Well, according to Katie Krock, owner of Worcester’s KJBaaron’s Fine Wine & Spirits and co-chair of the event, “At the 111 Chop House, that gets you a 14oz boneless rib eye plus an appetizer and dessert.”

But the Chop House isn’t the only fine dining establishment taking part. Mike Covino, the other event co-chair and the managing partner of Niche Hospitality, which has 4 participating restaurants, said, “Every one of the participating restaurants is considered in the fine dining category. It’s about the quality of the food, even if they don’t have a white tablecloth.”

The event is being managed by Pagio, Inc (parent company of this publication). They have forged a public private partnership with help from the Worcester County Convention & Visitors’ Bureau, The Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, and several local businesses. According to Paul Giorgio, president of Pagio, Inc., “The State, with the help of Senators Chandler & Moore, has really stepped up to the plate [pun intended!] to help local small businesses. We took the seed money from the state and leveraged that. Every restaurant in Worcester Restaurant Week is locally owned and operated. Also, in quite a few places, the owner is the chef.”

Among the local business sponsors are KJ Baaron’s, Uni Bank, the WCCVB, Atlas Distributors, and Consolidated Beverages, Winn Development, Performance Food Service, Infodiligo, GoBare, Integrity Merchant Solutions & Enterprise Cleaning.

According to Covino and Krock, “The Worcester media has really stepped in to help on this.” Media Sponsors include Pulse Magazine, Vitality Magazine, TasteWorcester.com, and radio stations WXLO, WCRN, The PIKE and Oldies 98.9. In addition, the WRTA has donated space on the sides of buses.

Giorgio stressed that The Worcester Chamber of Commerce has been an invaluable partner in the whole project.

For a full listing of participating restaurants, go to